WURD Radio · Therapy Unraveled with Troy Jackson As a  Licensed Social Worker, Yoga Instructor, and a Psychotherapist, Troy Jackson joins Helanah on DayBreak to discuss the positive sides of balancing multiple identities. Troy says that the sooner we embrace our authentic self, the more benefits we can receive. In balancing these roles, Jackson has […]


August 9, 2020

Therapy Unraveled

WURD Radio · Community Activist O With the intention of spreading love to others, community activist and former massage therapist, .O O, spoke with Helanah on DayBreak about the healing power that proper love and self care have on the relationships in our lives. .O expressed that self care and care for others are actually […]

Love, Wellness

July 16, 2020

The Transformative Healing Power of Love

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