WURD Radio · Daybreak 4.13.20 – Feminista Jones With a passion for writing, public speaking and activism, Feminista Jones came on DayBreak to share why documenting our stories and using our voice is so important in today’s world. As a Philly-based author, Feminista prides herself on building community by sharing the stories that carry impact. […]

Creative Art, Wellness

February 28, 2021

Documenting Your Story

WURD Radio · Daybreak 11.29.19 – Toni Okamoto Toni Okamoto, the author of “Plant Based on a Budget Cookbook,” stopped by DayBreak to share her personal process of living a vegan lifestyle and how she does it on a budget! Toni was introduced to vegetarian and vegan diets early on in life. At this time, […]

Nutrition, Wellness

January 3, 2021

Plant Based on a Budget

WURD Radio · Daybreak 11.26.19 – Sone Ehabe Interior Designer, Sone Ehabe spoke with Helanah of DayBreak about how we can all declutter our space and create environments that are simple, productive and replicate our personal style. Since her adolescence, Sone has always loved the idea of designing and creating. She says that while designing […]

Creative Art, Wellness

December 20, 2020

Declutter Your Space

WURD Radio · Daybreak 11.6.19 – Dr. Kellyn Hodges Doctor Kellyn Hodges, Orthodontist and Business Owner, came on DayBreak to share some words of advice regarding professional development and self-empowerment. Through hard work, sacrifice, and discipline, Doctor Kellyn now owns and operates three orthodontic offices in the Greater Philadelphia area. As a woman of faith, […]

Business, Wellness

November 29, 2020

Self Empowerment Through Difficult Times

WURD Radio · Daybreak 10.30.19 – Demetrius Bagley Demetrius Bagley, the Godfather of Vegan Street Fair, SoCal VegFest, and Veggie Conquest, came on DayBreak to share the story behind his 26-year vegan journey! As an expert of the plant based health movement, Demetrius shared some easy tips to get started with a vegan lifestyle. He […]

Nutrition, Wellness

November 22, 2020

The Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle

J. Ivy, the Chicago hailing award winning actor, poet and writer, came on the Wellness at Work podcast to chat about his successful creative journey through the music and entertainment world. Best known for his time on Def Poetry and performance on Kanye West’s “Never Let Me Down”, he attributes his creativity to his upbringing […]


September 16, 2020

Wellness at Work Podcast – S1;E1: Conversation with J. Ivy

WURD Radio · Daybreak 9.3.19 – Sista Yvonne Shai Sista Yvonne Shai, Course Facilitator and Administrator of the NYC chapter of African Holistic Health, stopped by DayBreak to chat about her role in the natural healing world! She shares with Helanah why the NYC chapter was created with an apprenticeship model in mind. Seeing the […]


September 13, 2020

The Best of Both Wellness Worlds

WURD Radio · Daybreak 8.20.19 – Dr. Carol Penn From Dancer, to Doula, to Doctor — Dr. Carol Penn stopped by the DayBreak show to share her story of marrying the two worlds of medicine and performing arts. Through her health and wellness platform, Penn Global Visions, Dr. Carol brings awareness to the importance of […]

Nutrition, Wellness

August 23, 2020

The Incredible Mind- Body Connection

WURD Radio · Daybreak 8.16.19 – Lauren Hunter As an event planner at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Lauren Hunter plans about 50-70 private events per year for donors, sponsors, and non-profit organizations in the city. Lauren chatted with Helanah about the ways she chooses to implement self care to create balance. She expressed how […]

Business, Love, Wellness

August 16, 2020

Self Care as an Event Planner

WURD Radio · Therapy Unraveled with Troy Jackson As a  Licensed Social Worker, Yoga Instructor, and a Psychotherapist, Troy Jackson joins Helanah on DayBreak to discuss the positive sides of balancing multiple identities. Troy says that the sooner we embrace our authentic self, the more benefits we can receive. In balancing these roles, Jackson has […]


August 9, 2020

Therapy Unraveled

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