WURD Radio · Daybreak 11.29.19 – Toni Okamoto Toni Okamoto, the author of “Plant Based on a Budget Cookbook,” stopped by DayBreak to share her personal process of living a vegan lifestyle and how she does it on a budget! Toni was introduced to vegetarian and vegan diets early on in life. At this time, […]

Nutrition, Wellness

January 3, 2021

Plant Based on a Budget

WURD Radio · Daybreak 10.30.19 – Demetrius Bagley Demetrius Bagley, the Godfather of Vegan Street Fair, SoCal VegFest, and Veggie Conquest, came on DayBreak to share the story behind his 26-year vegan journey! As an expert of the plant based health movement, Demetrius shared some easy tips to get started with a vegan lifestyle. He […]

Nutrition, Wellness

November 22, 2020

The Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle

WURD Radio · Daybreak 8.20.19 – Dr. Carol Penn From Dancer, to Doula, to Doctor — Dr. Carol Penn stopped by the DayBreak show to share her story of marrying the two worlds of medicine and performing arts. Through her health and wellness platform, Penn Global Visions, Dr. Carol brings awareness to the importance of […]

Nutrition, Wellness

August 23, 2020

The Incredible Mind- Body Connection

WURD Radio · Daybreak 3.25.20 – Linda Arpino Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Linda Arpino came on DayBreak to chat about having a healthy and balanced diet during a time when most of us are spending our days at home. Linda shares that anxious eating can be a negative habit to fall on as we go through […]


July 17, 2020

Avoiding Anxious Eating during Quarantine

WURD Radio · Daybreak 4.16.20 – Carmella V Co-owner of V Marks The Shop, the first all vegan convenience store in Philly, Carmella Lanni-Giardina, joined Helanah on DayBreak to discuss the new business model techniques she’s been implementing since the beginning of the global pandemic. As a small business owner, Carmella shares how the support […]

Business, Nutrition

July 17, 2020

Small Businesses Thriving During COVID

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