WURD Radio · Daybreak 3.6.20 – Ursula Rucker Philly Native, artist, poet, and activist Ursula Rucker came on DayBreak to chat with Helanah about the simple ways we can all find and implement joy in our lives. Bringing people together through her mission of love, Ursula shares with Helanah the many ways that we can […]

Creative Art, Love

January 31, 2021

The Value of Grace

WURD Radio · Daybreak 11.27.19 – Joanna Lovering Founder of Copper + Rise, Joanna Lovering is a fashion style coach, an organizational psychologist and a public speaker. She joined Helanah on DayBreak to share her personal story of finding her purpose in the fashion industry, to help everyday people look stylish and confident no matter […]

Creative Art, Love

December 27, 2020

Confidence Through Personal Style

WURD Radio · Daybreak 9.19.19 – Jacob Bender Summary  Jacob Bender, Executive Director of Council on American-Islamic Relations spoke with Helanah about the commitment we should all possess to build safe communities through respect and acceptance. CAIR Philadelphia is an organization that promotes mutual understanding between Muslims, Jews, and Christians all around the world! Jacob […]

Education, Love

October 4, 2020

The Importance of Building an Interfaith Community

WURD Radio · Daybreak 8.21.19 – Kevan Turman Self proclaimed relationship manager, Kevan Turman, has been in the fundraising world for over 15 years. He chatted with Helanah on DayBreak about his non-profit, The Brothers Brunch. What started as a birthday celebration, quickly turned into a frequent gathering of like-minded men connecting over cuisine and […]

Black Community, Creative Art, Love

August 30, 2020

Building Community One Plate at a Time

WURD Radio · Daybreak 8.16.19 – Lauren Hunter As an event planner at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Lauren Hunter plans about 50-70 private events per year for donors, sponsors, and non-profit organizations in the city. Lauren chatted with Helanah about the ways she chooses to implement self care to create balance. She expressed how […]

Business, Love, Wellness

August 16, 2020

Self Care as an Event Planner

WURD Radio · Daybreak 3.24.20 – Lily Womble Dating Coach, Lily Womble stopped by DayBreak to talk with Helanah about the dating world during COVID! While working with her clients, Lily has found that women who value self care and confidence have the most successful relationships. In her coaching, she teaches women to reclaim self-love […]


July 17, 2020

Dating During COVID

WURD Radio · Community Activist O With the intention of spreading love to others, community activist and former massage therapist, .O O, spoke with Helanah on DayBreak about the healing power that proper love and self care have on the relationships in our lives. .O expressed that self care and care for others are actually […]

Love, Wellness

July 16, 2020

The Transformative Healing Power of Love

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