WURD Radio · Daybreak 10.30.19 – Demetrius Bagley Demetrius Bagley, the Godfather of Vegan Street Fair, SoCal VegFest, and Veggie Conquest, came on DayBreak to share the story behind his 26-year vegan journey! As an expert of the plant based health movement, Demetrius shared some easy tips to get started with a vegan lifestyle. He […]

Nutrition, Wellness

November 22, 2020

The Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle

WURD Radio · Daybreak 9.17.19 – Evita Robinson Nomadness Travel Tribe started in 2011 with just 100 people. Today, the organization curates international and domestic trips for over 22,000 People of Color. Founder of Nomadness, Evita Robinson, spoke with Helanah about the community that has been built over the years. Evita describes the beautiful intersectionality […]

Black Community, Travel

November 15, 2020

Travel on a Budget as a POC

WURD Radio · Daybreak 10.28.19 – Eugenie Elle Eve Elie, Founder of Eve of Strategy, spoke with Helanah of DayBreak about her organization that helps entrepreneurs grow their mindsets, expand their possibilities, and grow their businesses! Eve shared that she comes in contact with a lot of creative people who need help capitalizing on their […]

Business, Creative Art

November 8, 2020

Organize Your Creative Vision

WURD Radio · Daybreak 10.25.19 – Erica Carroll Student Cares is a national non-profit that connects student volunteers with children living in long term hospitalization due to terminal illnesses. Founder and CEO, Erica Carroll, stopped by to share the impact the organization has with those who are involved. With programs running in 12 different hospitals […]

Civic Engagment

November 1, 2020

Addressing Terminal Illness in Children

WURD Radio · Daybreak 10.21.19 – Paul Best Paul Best, President of Keepers of the Culture, came on DayBreak to share the power behind storytelling. As Philadelphia’s afrocentric storytelling group, Keepers of the Culture focuses on serving the community with educational and culturally-enriched entertainment. Paul took some time to share his connection to storytelling as […]

Black Community, Creative Art

October 25, 2020

Keepers of the Culture

WURD Radio · Daybreak 10.3.19 – Ken Weinstein As a Real Estate Developer for over 30 years, Ken Weinstein stopped by the DayBreak show to share some tips on how to break into the real estate world. Referring to himself as a social entrepreneur, he shares that the most important thing to be aware of […]

Business, Civic Engagment

October 18, 2020

Real Estate Development in Philadelphia

WURD Radio · Daybreak 10.2.19 – Aminata Diallo Starting the conversation with, “I didn’t choose philanthropy, philanthropy chose me,” Ami Diallo came on DayBreak to chat about her work in the philanthropy community in Philadelphia. As the Manager of Community Learning and Impact at the Scattergood Foundation, Ami spoke about what it takes to build […]

Civic Engagment

October 11, 2020

The Evolution of Modern Philosophy

WURD Radio · Daybreak 9.19.19 – Jacob Bender Summary  Jacob Bender, Executive Director of Council on American-Islamic Relations spoke with Helanah about the commitment we should all possess to build safe communities through respect and acceptance. CAIR Philadelphia is an organization that promotes mutual understanding between Muslims, Jews, and Christians all around the world! Jacob […]

Education, Love

October 4, 2020

The Importance of Building an Interfaith Community

WURD Radio · Daybreak 9.13.19 – Michael Idriss As a rather unique storyteller, Michael Idriss, joined Helanah on DayBreak to speak about what led him to become a tour guide for Katika Experiences. Michael began by sharing his story as a first generation Philadelphian with a father from Sierra Leone. Since African history played a […]

Black Community, Creative Art, History

September 27, 2020

Know Your History, Plan Your Future

WURD Radio · Daybreak 9.12.19 – Tayyib Smith Investor, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Little Giant Creative, Tayyib Smith spoke with Helanah on DayBreak. Sharing the journey of his non-linear career path, Tayyib says that fear of poverty has brought him to the place he is today. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he’s learned that it’s important […]

Black Community, Business

September 20, 2020

Investing in Entrepreneurship is More than a Hashtag

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