WURD Radio · Daybreak 9.6.19 – Eric Westbrook As the Director for the Mayor’s Office of Black Male Engagement, Eric Westbrook stopped by the DayBreak show to chat with Helanah about the work the city is doing to close the opportunity gap for black men and boys. He shares the initiative is built on teaching […]

Black Community, Civic Engagment, Education

July 15, 2020

Black Male Engagement can Build Bridges

WURD Radio · Daybreak 8.19.19 – Corey Carter Stating that entrepreneurship was always his “Plan A,” Philly native and trans-atlantic businessman, Corey Carter, came on DayBreak to share the story behind CConnect360. While preparing to return home from a trip to Kenya in 2017, Corey learned that jewelry making was a main source of income […]

Black Community, Business, Creative Art

July 14, 2020

Going from Local to Global Business

WURD Radio · Daybreak 6.24.19 – Jennifer Lee Wellness isn’t just about eating properly and exercising, it’s also about how you express yourself. Wife, mother, and creative artist Jennifer Lee is sharing how implementing artistic outlets can build overall happiness in our lives. Jennifer and Helanah dive deep into the idea of balance, sharing that […]

Black Community, Creative Art

July 14, 2020

It’s Never too Late to Pursue Your Dreams

WURD Radio · Daybreak 7.1.19 – Cait Kay As we enter into the beautiful month of July, there is no better time to reflect on the importance of a summer break! This should be a time of restoration for the student mind. That’s why English Teacher, Cait Kay is on DayBreak to share some suggestions […]


July 2, 2020

Why Every Student Deserves A Real Summer Break

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